Syncfusion, Inc., a premier .NET component vendor, today released a major update to Orubase, its framework for developing cross-platform, hybrid mobile applications. The release comes just a month after Syncfusion’s groundbreaking release of Essential Studio for JavaScript.
At the forefront of the Orubase update are several JavaScript controls for visualizing data, and support for HTML and JavaScript-based web applications. With the latest updates, various editors, gauges, and charts are available as JavaScript controls. Developers have the choice to work with ASP.NET MVC orJavaScript when designing hybrid mobile apps, a choice unmatched in any other mobile application framework.
“Extending the foundation of Orubase to JavaScript makes simplified mobile applicationdevelopment available to many, many more developers,” states Daniel Jebaraj, vice president of Syncfusion. “Though the end results will appear the same, the familiarity of working with JavaScript makes the framework much more inviting to web developers looking to deploy across mobile device platforms. We continue to offer excellent support for ASP.NET MVC, and coming releases will continue to build on that aspect as well.”
Other new features in Orubase include:
· Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 support: Target the newest Windows-based phones and tablets from a single code base.
· Orubase Project Wizard enhancement: Quickly create HTML and JavaScript-based hybrid apps.
· Signature capture support: Record handwriting through touch gestures on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.
Future updates of Orubase will continue to support ASP.NET MVC and JavaScript-based apps, provide new ASP.NET MVC and JavaScript controls, and increase access to native device APIs to minimize the gap between web and native apps.
A free, 30-day trial of the latest version of Orubase can be downloaded from Current license holders can update Orubase by signing into their Direct-Trac account.