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OpenAI introduces Model Spec

OpenAI is sharing the first draft of its Model Spec, a document that specifies how models should behave in the OpenAI API and ChatGPT, to be used as guidelines for researchers and AI trainers who work on reinforcement learning from human feedback. The spec, according to OpenAI, is based on the organizations’ research into model behavior … continue reading

Zebra to open source iFactr, Bonsai’s TensorFlow support, and Datical’s DMC — SD Times news digest: June 27, 2017

Zebra Technologies is bringing its cross-platform mobile application environment to the open-source community. The company announced iFactr, the platform for OS migration in the enterprise, will be open sourced, and it will allow organizations to transition to modern mobile operating systems more easily. According to the company, iFactr allows enterprises to invest resources in developing … continue reading

NVIDIA and Facebook advance artificial intelligence with Caffe2

NVIDIA and Facebook are joining forces to advance the world of artificial intelligence. New to developers’ arsenal is the open-source deep learning framework Caffe2, which NVIDIA and Facebook will use to create large-scale distributed training scenarios, as well as build machine learning applications for today’s devices. Facebook has been working with the open source community … continue reading Protection Status