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The power of automation and AI in testing environments

Software testing is a critical aspect of the SDLC, but constraints on time and resources can cause software companies to treat testing as an afterthought, rather than a linchpin in product quality. The primary challenge in the field of testing is the scarcity of talent and expertise, particularly in automation testing, according to Nilesh Patel, … continue reading

AWS announces new investment in generative AI

AWS unveiled the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center program to support customers in the successful development and implementation of generative AI solutions.  With a significant investment of $100 million, AWS will facilitate collaboration between its AI and ML experts and customers worldwide, providing assistance in conceptualizing, designing, and launching innovative generative AI products, services, and … continue reading

Updates to Parasoft’s AI/ML capabilities

Parasoft, the automated software testing company, recently announced the newest updates to its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for UI, API, functional, and static analysis testing that span the full software development lifecycle. According to Parasoft, these updates work to optimize the solution with innovative AI/ML features that accelerate test creation, maintenance, and execution, … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Algorithmia report reveals companies plan to increase AI/ML spending, new Google Play Console on November 2nd, and PostgreSQL 13

A survey by Algorithmia found that a majority of IT leaders are planning to increase their AI/ML initiatives as a result of the pandemic, and realize that those initiatives should have been a higher priority for their organizations all along.  While 54% of IT leaders responded that their AI/ML projects were focused on financial analysis … continue reading

OutSystems launches new AI Center of Excellence for app development

OutSystems has embarked on a new initiative to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning to software development. The company announced Project Turing, an initiative designed to explore how AI and ML can transform software development in the next decade. Project Turing is named after the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, Alan Turing. … continue reading Protection Status