Parasoft, the automated software testing company, recently announced the newest updates to its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for UI, API, functional, and static analysis testing that span the full software development lifecycle.

According to Parasoft, these updates work to optimize the solution with innovative AI/ML features that accelerate test creation, maintenance, and execution, enabling the company to leverage AI/ML and reach higher levels of software test automation. 

The ways in which Parasoft has expanded its AI/ML capabilities include the ability to automate unit test generation and parameterization for Java, automate API test generation and maintenance, and self-heal the execution of Selenium tests. 

Additionally, Parasoft leverages AI/ML to improve the adoption of static analysis efficiency through prioritization and risk models, and predict the impact of coding violations and patterns in analytics/reporting to determine the best developer match to fix a certain problem.

“AI/ML capabilities have greatly improved the challenges facing today’s testing organizations from creation through execution, maintenance, and optimization. Organizations that aren’t deploying testing with AI/ML capabilities are at a serious disadvantage,” said Arthur Hicken, evangelist at Parasoft.

Parasoft also utilizes AI to create tests automatically from the recording of manual UI testing. This simplifies the development of API test suites. These tests can then be used again for load, performance, and security testing.

According to the company, smart test execution with test impact analysis augments testing which leads to more intelligent and efficient testing that works to get better with each release. 

Visit the website to learn more about these updates.