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Analyst View: Motorola’s strategy for a slowing smartphone market

Perhaps it is because Motorola is owned by Lenovo, or perhaps it is simply because there is some cross-pollination between PC and smartphone companies now, but of the smartphone vendors, Motorola is the only one aggressively applying a strategy out of the PC space. When the PC segment hit a wall, the experienced companies moved … continue reading

Analyst Watch: The 12 characteristics of modern application development

We are witnessing a transformation in application development tools and techniques that is changing how enterprise software is being constructed and deployed. This transformation is the broadening of mobile application development approaches initially instigated by the mobile revolution (yes, the iPhone changed everything) to embrace initiatives for back-end Internet of Things architectures and even employee … continue reading

SD Times Blog: App store hell

Developers are stuck with an unfavorable (and unprofitable) situation when it comes to making mobile apps … continue reading

Is the future of enterprise apps in the public cloud? Yes, MAM

Mobile, social and Web-based applications will create huge opportunities to innovate, engage employees and customers … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Movable walls in the garden

What it means to be an open platform is not easy to nail down, especially with app distribution … continue reading

Open source in mobile apps: A best practices guide

Developers should follow organizational policy, understand licenses, and know app-store rules … continue reading

Desktop apps are taking on mobile characteristics

Emerging platforms and stores enable developers to create mobile-like applications based on Web standards … continue reading

Enterprises want app stores too

The app store model isn’t just appealing to consumers, it promises ease and manageability for enterprises as well … continue reading

Rhomobile crafts an app store of its own

Dubbed RhoGallery, administrators can create their own custom gallery of smartphone apps for their own users … continue reading Protection Status