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Microsoft’s goal: Democratizing artificial intelligence

With all the talk here at Microsoft’s Ignite conference around the cloud, office productivity and collaboration (and all that goes with that), CEO Satya Nadella took the keynote stage yesterday afternoon to discuss what he sees as the next horizon of digital transformation: artificial intelligence. This, to be sure, is not about AI for the … continue reading

SD Times Blog: What’s on the Web? Here’s a book to let you know

My husband kept this book because he thought it looked useful at the time. Now, it is best used to blow the minds of the millennials here at BZ Media. Organized in categories such as “Consumer/Business, & Self Help” and “Science/Education/Technology,” a guide for finding information on the Web seemed like a good idea at … continue reading

Code Watch: The best programming book of the decade

“Exercises in Programming Style” by Cristina Videira Lopes is the best programming book to come along in many years. Casting back over many decades, the only book I can compare it to in terms of actionable value is Steve McConnell’s “Code Complete,” and in terms of approachability and sheer fun, it reminds me of Ted … continue reading

Are tech books dead?

Blogs keep up faster with technology, but not all developers are leaving paper behind … continue reading

The best books for software developers

Experts run down the books that helped them code, manage and lead their way through software development projects and teams … continue reading Protection Status