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President Obama announces initiative to get kids into computer science

U.S. President Barack Obama has launched a new initiative to empower American students from kindergarten to high school to learn computer science. The campaign is called Computer Science for All, and the goal is to equip students with computational thinking skills so they can be more than just consumers of technology. CS for All already … continue reading

Artificial intelligence leader Marvin Minsky dies at 88

The computer science industry has lost another pioneer. This time, it was a man who had a vision of artificial intelligence, something that is currently impacting the advancement of technology and software. Marvin Minsky, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, died on Sunday night in Boston at the age of 88, according to … continue reading

Intel acquires microprocessor tech company Altera

Intel Corp. made a $16.7 billion purchase on Monday, acquiring Altera Corp., which is known for microprocessors used in computers. The acquisition is part of Intel’s plan to expand the chipmaker’s business. The acquisition will add a new class of products for Intel in the data center and Internet of Things (IoT) market. Altera is … continue reading

Researchers want to make sure computers never lose your data

It happens time and time again. You are working on a project, and your computer crashes, causing you to lose all your work. But MIT researchers want to solve this problem by building a crash-tolerant data storage system. “What many people worry about is building these file systems to be reliable, both when they’re operating … continue reading Protection Status