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DevOps Institute introduces new educational website

DevOps Institute, the learning community that serves to enable those who work in DevOps to advance career development and upskill for enterprise transformation by offering resources, guidance, and experts, today announced SKILup IT Learning, a subscription-based online education website. SKILup IT Learning is a self-directed learning platform that focuses entirely on DevOps and Digital Transformation. … continue reading

Report: Upskilling is becoming a major challenge for organizations

Having insufficient IT resources is one of the major challenges that IT organizations are facing today, and companies will need to implement upskilling programs in order to combat this.  According to DevOps Institute’s 2022 Upskilling IT report, 40% of those surveyed said that the resource skill shortage is one of their top three challenges. While … continue reading

SD Times news digest: DevOps Institute launches Continuing Education Program; Wear OS Tiles are now supported on Glance; HackerOne gets $49 million investment

DevOps Institute, a professional member association and certification authority for advancing the human elements of DevOps, just announced the availability of its new Continuing Education Program. The program works to provide certified members with the skills, knowledge, and learning needed in order to remain relevant, optimize rising trends, and meet professional goals. This program benefits … continue reading

Report: DevOps teams need to foster a learning culture to thrive

A majority of DevOps teams believe that building a learning culture is highly important. According to the DevOps Institute’s Upskilling 2021 Report, 70% of respondents viewed it as a top priority.  In order to build a successful learning culture, teams have to eliminate blaming and shaming its members when problems arise. The report found some … continue reading

DevOps Institute creates DevOps assessment model

The DevOps Institute today has announced an Assessment of DevOps Capabilities (ADOC) driven by a vendor-neutral crowdsource effort designed to help people measure their organization’s state of DevOps against other organizations. According to the Institute’s announcement, the assessment model looks at five dimensions of DevOps: the human aspects, process and frameworks, functional composition, intelligent automation … continue reading

Organizations put the Scrum back into DevOps and the DevOps Institute are teaming up on ScrumOps, a new approach to software delivery. ScrumOps is designed to transform IT organizations into the next-generation, agile era of working by bringing Scrum and DevOps together. According to the organizations, while some believe DevOps and Scrum don’t work well together, ScrumOps can be applied to … continue reading Protection Status