The DevOps Institute today has announced an Assessment of DevOps Capabilities (ADOC) driven by a vendor-neutral crowdsource effort designed to help people measure their organization’s state of DevOps against other organizations.

According to the Institute’s announcement, the assessment model looks at five dimensions of DevOps: the human aspects, process and frameworks, functional composition, intelligent automation and technology ecosystems.

“The Humans of DevOps are in urgent need of an empirical model that supports their goals to improve organizational performance through the practice of DevOps principles,” Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute, said in the announcement. “They want to be able to measure their progress as their capabilities increase during their DevOps journey and know where to invest their time and energy. Our vendor-agnostic model empowers teams and enterprises to grasp what DevOps means to them and accelerate progress. We are pleased to make this available to the market.” 

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The new ADOC is available at team and enterprise levels, with the Institute saying it has already enrolled 10 enterprise partners for the expanded level.

The DevOps  Institute’s Chief of Research Eveline Oerhlich and Chief Ambassador Helen Beal contributed to the effort to create the model, which assesses an organization’s people, process and technology capabilities. It allows organizations to baseline their current state and offers guidance to achieve the next target state while allowing continuous assessment at both team and enterprise levels, and promotes DevOps principles and good implementation practices, according to the announcement. 

Already, the Institute is looking at enhancements to the ADOC, including in the areas of site reliability engineering, DevSecOps, and will offer a bolt-on to the ADOC the government market. 

The Team ADOC will be available to the Institute’s premium members at $149 through March 31; non-members pay $2,000. ADOC for Enterprises, an expanded version to assess capabilities across teams, is available in a pay-per-use model starting at $15,000 for up to 500 participants, the Institute announced.