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MongoDB hits 3.2, becomes enterprise-ready

MongoDB hit version 3.2 today, bringing with it greater integrations to enterprise analytics tools, new storage engines, and a new performance-monitoring tool. Kelly Stirman, vice president of strategy at MongoDB, said that this release was heavily focused on giving enterprise users the features they need to build mission-critical applications on top of MongoDB. (Related: How … continue reading

Rogue Wave releases open-source support survey

Rogue Wave Software has released the results of its Open Source Support survey. The report reaps the fruits of support data gleaned from more than 8,000 open-source software packages from all walks of life. Rod Cope, CTO of Rogue Wave, wrote in the introduction of the report about the changing landscape of software due to … continue reading

Guest View: Now what’s keeping enterprise app developers up at night?

Enterprise mobile app developers continue to grapple with many of the familiar dilemmas for creating apps that will best serve their organizations in the next year and beyond. As in any year, developers will be looking to increase the productivity of their organization’s employees (and perhaps partners) who are using the app, which can be … continue reading

Guest View: The five habits of highly effective enterprise app developers

While mobility has permeated the enterprise, we are just beginning to fully tap its potential to drive business value, both externally with customers and other stakeholders, as well as internally for employee engagement and productivity. Despite business-level industry dialogue about the strategic importance of going mobile, many enterprise developers struggle to deliver mobile apps fast … continue reading

Guest View: The Top 3 enterprise mobility trends to watch in 2015

With 2014 now completely past us, the mobile picture in the enterprise for 2015 is becoming more evident. After a plethora of discussions with customers, developers and pundits, I believe these will be the top trends in enterprise mobility for 2015. 1. Business analysts will create more than 25% of enterprise apps using visual development … continue reading

From the Editors: Hurray! The enterprise is exciting again!

Investors have returned to putting up money for enterprise products; Mono is safe to use for most people, for now … continue reading

Top five trends for enterprise software development

From mobile workforce to context awareness, a software consultant offers up his view of the emerging landscape … continue reading Protection Status