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EU passes AI Act, a comprehensive risk-based approach to AI regulation

The EU has finally passed the AI Act that it has been working on for the past several years. The EU AI Act is a comprehensive law that takes a risk-based approach to AI regulation.  “The adoption of the AI Act marks the beginning of a new AI era and its importance cannot be overstated,” … continue reading

EU reaches provisional agreement for new AI regulation

Over the weekend, the European Council presidency and the European Parliament’s negotiators concluded three days of talks to reach a provisional agreement on a proposal for regulating AI in the European Union (EU).  “The draft regulation aims to ensure that AI systems placed on the European market and used in the EU are safe and … continue reading

Meta fined $275 million for violating EU privacy laws

Meta is yet again being fined for violating privacy laws in the EU. Earlier this year in September it was fined USD $400 million by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission for mishandling children’s data, and last September they were fined USD $267 million by Irish data authorities for violation in the messaging service WhatsApp. Now, the … continue reading

Europe takes first steps in shaping its digital future

With the strict requirements and massive scope of the GDPR, it’s no surprise that the European Union (EU) cares highly about its citizens’ data privacy. Today, the EU has taken the next step in securing their digital future with the announcement of new strategies for data and artificial intelligence (AI). According to the European Commission, … continue reading

Developers are using CI more than CD, report finds

Continuous integration is becoming more popular than continuous delivery in large-scale organizations. A recent report by DigitalOcean found 45 percent of respondents reported using CD compared to 58 percent who reported using CI. Forty-three percent of respondents who reported they were not using a CI or CD process stated they planned to use CI/CD, while … continue reading

SD Times news digest: GVFS for Mac, EU to filter uploaded content, and Android security review

Microsoft has announced progress with the prototype design for Git Virtual File System (GVFS) for Mac. GVFS is the company’s project to bring Git to enterprise scale. Microsoft plans to publish all of the code for GVFS for Mac in their public repo. With GVFS for Windows, it contains patches to Git, a file system … continue reading

Preparing for the GDPR in the eleventh hour

If digital businesses haven’t already been preparing for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the time is now. The regulation was adopted in April of 2016 and will officially go into effect on May 25, 2018. Despite the advance notice and warnings given, the range of GDPR preparedness is still very broad, according … continue reading

Citigroup penalized for computer code error, Django REST framework 3.4, and EU files a complaint against Google—SD Times news digest: July 14, 2016

After a computer error that caused major problems for the Securities and Exchange Commission, Citigroup Global Markets has agreed to pay US$7 million as a penalty. The computer coding error was in the software that Citigroup used from May 1999 to April 2014 to process the SEC’s requests for blue sheet data. This data included … continue reading Protection Status