Topic: evangelism sparks innovation with new Community platform and Internet of APIs Awards aims to boost innovation and foster a creative developer culture with its new Community, which consists of technical and semi-technical users with an understanding of automation and integration., a digital automation platform, is known for its integration tool Flow, which lets developers and non-developers connect with an API builder. Flow … continue reading

Developer relations can grow without having to prove ROI

The decision-makers, dreamers, hackers and creators known as developers are the key players who are driving demand for the latest and greatest tools. Now they have become the customers that companies are turning to as a way to extend their products and businesses. Today, the group that works in close liaison with developers is known … continue reading

Developer evangelists help companies engage users—without overt marketing

If there’s one thing that really turns people away from a product or service, it’s a hard sales pitch. Developers are no exception. When hearing company pitches about tools or solutions that might be useful to their team, developers in today’s world want to see the code and learn the real value of the product—marketing … continue reading Protection Status