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GitHub Actions gets new features to help developers standardize CI/CD practices

GitHub has added new features to GitHub Actions that will help standardize CI/CD practices and reduce duplication.  Required workflows is the first new feature and it can be used to define and enforce CI/CD practices across multiple source code repositories. By utilizing this feature to accomplish this, teams won’t have to manually configure each repository … continue reading

Octopus Deploy introduces new integrations with GitHub Actions

The deployment automation company Octopus Deploy today announced the general availability of GitHub Actions for Octopus Deploy v2. This update is intended to support the company’s deployment automation for GitHub Action workflows.  With this users gain the ability to incorporate build information into deployment pipelines with GitHub’s introduction of a new push-build-information-action. This lets users … continue reading

GitHub Actions introduces ability to share runners within organizations

In late 2019, GitHub introduced GitHub Actions, which gave developers the ability to automate workflows straight from GitHub. Since then, the company has been working to continue expanding the capabilities of Actions, adding new features such as artifact and dependency caching, self-hosted runners, and an Actions API. This month, GitHub is expanding Actions even further. … continue reading

GitHub Universe 2018 zeros in on the future of software development

GitHub is giving developers new tools to advance development workflows and break down silos. The company announced GitHub Actions and GitHub Connect at its annual developer conference GitHub Universe 2018 in San Francisco this week. “Together, you are not only defining the future of software but the future of the businesses, industries, and communities that … continue reading Protection Status