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Grafana Labs launches new observability solution for monitoring the end user experience

Grafana Labs is hoping to make it easier for companies to manage the end user experience for their applications. To achieve this, the company launched Grafana Cloud Frontend Observability, which enables companies to monitor frontend health, investigate frontend issues, resolve errors, and query, correlate, and visualize frontend telemetry in Grafana.  According to Grafana, today it’s … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Grafana Mimir

Grafana Mimir is a scalable open-source time series database that allows enterprises to scale to over 1 billion metrics, and features benefits like simplified deployment, high availability, and more.  The project is built on the foundations of Cortex, which was started in order to build scalable Prometheus-compatible solutions designed to be run as a SaaS … continue reading Protection Status