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‘Silicon Valley’ Season 2, Episode 8: Hack attack

In last week’s episode, “Adult Content,” we saw the Pied Piper team trying to reclaim what was rightfully theirs: their algorithm that End Frame stole (even though Richard basically handed it to them.) “You are stealing it all wrong,” an upset Richard declares. Russ Hanneman struggles with the fact that he is no longer a … continue reading

‘Silicon Valley’ Season 2, Episode 4: The cyborg and the lady

Normally Rob Marvin reviews each episode, but as he was unable to watch this week’s, the job fell to Christina Mulligan, with help from her editor, Adam LoBelia. As neither one of us has watched the show before, please bear with us. Last night’s episode opened with Richard and Jared interviewing a series of prospective … continue reading

SD Times Blog: ‘Silicon Valley’ offers dark satire of tech industry

A look at Mike Judge’s HBO comedy about six programmers trying to make it big … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Watch the trailer for HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

A show about six programmers trying to make it, from “Office Space” creator Mike Judge … continue reading Protection Status