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Blockchain and the promise of better electronic health records

Electronic health records are vital for the health care industry, as they enable better patient care and improved outcomes. However, current methods of storing and sharing this data are not secure or effective.  Enter blockchain technology—a distributed, decentralized digital ledger system able to securely store and share data in near real-time. Unlike current systems, which … continue reading

Google Brain team prepares for machine-learning-driven future

Research on intelligent software systems and machine learning made great strides in 2016, and some of the credit for that goes to the Google Brain team. Going forward, the team said it will continue to conduct machine learning research, especially in areas like healthcare, AI safety, and natural language understanding. The Google Brain team doesn’t … continue reading

Industry Watch: Developers: First, do no harm

Healthcare workers, airline pilots, sea captains and others are held to a code of professional ethics, as they hold people’s lives in their hands. Should software engineers working in those fields be held to the same exacting standards? I recently spoke with Prof. Andrew Boyd, an assistant professor of biomedical and health information sciences at … continue reading

Google Glass startup secures $17 million, QAComplete 11.0, and Mozilla fights for encryption—SD Times news digest: April 25, 2016

Google Glass could be coming to health systems, as startup Augmedix has secured US$17 million in a strategic round of funding that includes investments from Sutter Health, Dignity Health, Catholic Health Initiatives, TriHealth, and one other. This round of funding allows Augmedix to scale Google Glass powered service across the health systems and private clinics. … continue reading

Open-source contributor wants to bring healthcare innovation to the masses

After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, Benjamin Kerensa, a 31-year-old open-source contributor, searched for an app that would track his glucose levels and metrics. He searched, and didn’t find much. So, he created his own app. In May of 2015, Kerensa was diagnosed with diabetes, and it wasn’t long after when he decided to … continue reading

Cigital’s BSIMM6 finds software security lagging in industry

With 29x more data than its first model, Cigital has released its most recent findings of its Building Security in Maturity Model (BSIMM), declaring that software security is lagging. Cigital is an application security firm that studies industries to see what they are doing for their organizations’ software security. Today, the firm announced that it … continue reading

From the Editors: Technology in search of a raison d’etre

Wearables When talking about the Internet of Things, people usually think of the software in their cars, or smart appliances that communicate with back-end systems to keep the house running smoothly, or robots on factory floors doing manufacturing. When talk turns to wearable devices, though, the conversation seems to begin and end with watches, wristbands, … continue reading

IBM’s Watson steps out again

A Mobile Developer Challenge, and forays into online retail, healthcare and food, mark a busy season for the supercomputer … continue reading Protection Status