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Perforce updates Helix ALM with enhanced automated testing support

Perforce has announced the latest version of its testing solution Helix ALM. Version 2022.2 introduces enhanced support for automated testing.  With this release, customers can use a single tool for manual and automated testing. Bringing these together into one tool increases efficiency, reduces risk, and enables a more holistic testing strategy, according to Perforce. “We’re … continue reading

Perforce Helix4Git

Perforce releases Helix4Git for Git at scale

Companies looking to better manage their Git environments can utilize Perforce’s new Helix4Git solution, which allows large-scale Git environments to speed up their build processes. Perforce also announced it is updating its Helix Core and Helix Swarm solutions to include improved file transfer features and user efficiency. According to Perforce, Helix4Git increases scale and visibility … continue reading

Perforce goes fully distributed in source-code management

Perforce today announced the release of Helix, the newest version of the company’s source-code-management and versioning system. New to Helix are distributed development support for the traditional Perforce suite of tools, and new security features that monitor repository usage and track suspicious behavior. This is a problem perhaps most noticeable in the video gaming world, … continue reading Protection Status