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Angular 12 will deprecate View Engine and replace it with Ivy

The Angular team has announced it will be deprecating View Engine in Angular 12, but that this change won’t require most developers to take any action. View Engine is Angular’s legacy compilation and rendering pipeline. It is being replaced by Ivy, which has been the default pipeline for developers for the past year. The goal … continue reading

Angular 9.0 released with Project Ivy

The Angular team has announced the latest major release of its web application framework. Angular 9.0 features updates to the framework, Angular Material and CLI. In addition, this release makes the Ivy compiler and runtime the default as well as improves testing components.  “This is one of the biggest updates to Angular we’ve made in … continue reading

SD Times news digest: React team principles, Ionic prepares for Angular 9.0, and what’s coming in JDK 14 Rampdown Phase Two

React software engineer Dan Abramov is taking this holiday season to reflect back on the JavaScript library team and principles. Some of the observations he made included: UI before APIs, absorbing complexity to stop it from going into the product code, and allowing hacks and providing idiomatic solutions.  In addition, he noted that the team … continue reading

Angular previews next-generation compilation and rendering pipeline Ivy

Now that Angular 8 has been released, developers can opt-in and try the preview version of Ivy. The goal of Ivy is to make Angular smaller, easier to debug and faster to compile. The team has been working on Ivy for more than a year now. RELATED CONTENT: Angular 8 released with builder APIs and … continue reading

Angular lays out plan for 8.0 release featuring Ivy preview

Google’s Angular Team is setting a soft May 2019 release date for the generally-available version 8.0 release of its web app framework. Angular 8.0 is expected to include the first opt-in technical preview of the new rendering engine, Ivy, originally announced in February last year. The opt-in preview will give developers the option to switch … continue reading Protection Status