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Jama announces new requirements authoring solution

The requirements management and traceability solution provider Jama Software today unveiled new enhancements made to Jama Connect’s user experience.  With this, Jama Connect now offers users a Document View, which allows them to read, author, and edit items in-line in one view while keeping an item-based structure in project hierarchies. The company stated that this … continue reading

Industry Watch: Software development still starts with requirements

How can companies know that their development process is on track, and that the product they’re developing is actually what they need to provide to customers? Scott Roth, CEO of Jama Software, believes predictive product development is essential for that. The key is visibility into your development processes, and comparing it to benchmarks – either … continue reading

Jama Software brings analytics to development process

Call it predictive product development. Jama Software wants to improve the process of software development by utilizing analytics to assess the performance of development teams and inform steps to continuous improvement. To that end, the company today is announcing a rebrand of its platform, which is now called Jama Connect, and the availability of a … continue reading

New IBM technology aims to detect cancer, Kaspersky Lab bug bounty program, and Jama Software launches partner alliance program—SD Times news digest: Aug. 2, 2016

IBM this week announced that its scientists have developed a new lab-on-a-chip technology that can separate biological particles at the nano scale to help physicians detect things like cancer. IBM said its team can separate bioparticles down to 20 nanometers in diameter, which is the scale of things like DNA and viruses. These particles can … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Jama Software adds collaboration to requirements-management tool

New social features are designed to get business users more involved in development processes … continue reading Protection Status