Jama Software has added enterprise collaboration capabilities to the Summer 2013 release of its product delivery platform.

In a blog post announcing the Summer 2013 release launch, Jama Software’s product-marketing director Eric Nguyen wrote that this new collaboration capability “enables teams to engage business stakeholders throughout the product-delivery process.”

The company said its new enterprise-collaboration capabilities—including new activity-stream and decision-tracking features—are “the cornerstone of Jama’s strategy to connect development with the rest of the business.” The collaboration layer of the solution sits on top of Jama’s requirements and test-management solution, which the company said “seamlessly integrates conversations about projects into the development process.”

Nguyen also mentioned that the solution uses social features called Stream, Decisions and Capture. According to him, Stream “enables teams to securely pull in stakeholders from across the company into contextual conversations with one-click access for input,” while the Decisions feature “enables teams to formally request and mark decisions within conversation streams.”

The Capture feature, according to Nguyen, makes it easy for users to incorporate whiteboard sessions into project and item-level discussions. There’s also a new Mobile feature, which he said “enables conversations, work and inquiries to happen on mobile devices, including iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows devices.”

This latest release of Jama’s product delivery platform also includes a migration solution for IBM DOORS customers who want to transfer their data to Jama’s platform.