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JetBrains now has a dedicated IDE for Rust

JetBrains, the creator of many popular IDEs, has an exciting announcement for Rust developers. RustRover is a new IDE specifically for the Rust language. Previously the only tooling available for Rust from JetBrains was IntelliJ Rust, which was a plugin for IntelliJ-based IDEs. For many years, Rust has topped the Stack Overflow Developer Survey as … continue reading

JetBrains’ code quality platform Qodana reaches general availability

JetBrains is trying to make it easier for developers to produce quality code with the release of its new platform, Qodana. Qodana is a tool that offers static code analysis and can be integrated within the CI/CD pipeline. This allows problems in code to be addressed from right within the IDE.  It currently supports over … continue reading

Kotlin 1.9 brings K2 compiler in Beta

JetBrains has announced the release of Kotlin 1.9. This release introduces many enhancements, a big one being the beta release of the K2 compiler for the JVM.  The K2 compiler is a new frontend compiler that is planned to be released in Kotlin 2.0 as stable. It is a complete rewrite of the original compiler … continue reading

JetBrains updates Aqua with support for Playwright and Cypress

JetBrains has announced that its test automation IDE, Aqua, now supports Playwright and Cypress. Both are popular open-source test automation frameworks, and according to JetBrains, they were highly requested by users.  JetBrains first introduced Aqua in November 2022, and the IDE is still currently in active development. It allows QA engineers to develop automated UI … continue reading

JetBrains introduces IntelliJ IDEA 2023.1 to offer improved performance

The intelligent productivity company JetBrains today released IntelliJ IDEA 2023.1, the latest version of its integrated development environment for Java. This release provides users with new features and improvements, including an updated UI to offer a more polished experience.  The performance enhancements provide users with accelerated startup experience and an improved commit process with background … continue reading

JetBrains introduces taint analysis for PHP to its code quality platform Qodana

JetBrains, a company responsible for creating IDEs for multiple programming languages, today announced the addition of taint analysis to Qodana. This feature is available for PHP developers in the Early Preview, and the company has plans to add more languages soon. Qodana launched back in 2021 and offers users a universal code quality platform that … continue reading

JetBrains announces public preview for cloud-based Qodana offering

JetBrains has announced the first public preview for Qodana Cloud, which is a cloud based extension of the code quality platform Qodana. According to the company, Qodana Cloud collects data from Qodana linters and gathers them in a single place, which allows developers to dive deeper into particular issues.  JetBrains explained that having to switch … continue reading

JetBrains introduces discounted pricing to Datalore 2022.3

JetBrains has announced the latest release of its collaborative data science platform Datalore.  With Datalore 2022.3, JetBrains is offering discounted pricing. The platform will now be free for teams of up to four, as well as for the first four users of a larger team. Teams of 10 people will now be charged $75/user/month instead … continue reading

Rookout announces JetBrains plugins for its observability platform

Rookout has announced the release of new IDE plugins for its developer-focused observability and debugging platform. Now developers will be able to connect to JetBrains, which will enable them to catch issues even earlier in the debugging process. The plugin can be used with any JetBrains IDE, including IntelliJ, PyCharm, Webstorm, and Goland, among others.  … continue reading

JetBrains releases beta of its cross-platform Kotlin development tool

JetBrains, creator of the Kotlin programming language, has announced a beta program for a new SDK for cross-platform mobile development in Kotlin. Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile will allow developers to use a single codebase for creating both iOS and Android apps.  According to JetBrains, logic elements can often fall out of sync when dealing with mutliple … continue reading

JetBrains Space now available on-premises

The productivity tools company, JetBrains, recently announced that its complete platform for software development, Space, is now available on-premises in beta. This offering comes with Docker Compose and Kubernetes installation options.  Space brings users an all-in-one platform that covers Git hosting, code review, CI/CD, package repositories, issue tracking, documents, and chats.  On top of this, … continue reading

JetBrains releases update for Datalore Enterprise

JetBrains announced the launch of Datalore Enterprise 2022.2, an update to its collaborative data science and BI platform for teams, available on-premises and in the private cloud. The new version can be set up in AWS, GCP, Azure or an on-premises machine with the new Docker-based installation. Users can also migrate to Kubernetes later on … continue reading Protection Status