JetBrains has announced the beta for its new upcoming CI/CD service, TeamCity Pipelines. The new platform allows development teams to automate things like integrating changes into an application, testing them, and then finally delivering the updates to users. 

TeamCity is an existing platform from the company, but it was targeted at large enterprises. This new offering is designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses. 

“I’m happy to announce that we’re launching a streamlined solution to address the specific needs of those smaller engineering teams today,” said Marco Behler, product manager of TeamCity Pipelines. “TeamCity Pipelines is straightforward to use and configure while also being efficient and resource-saving.”

The solution includes a simple UI for configuring pipelines, and integrates AI into the platform to help provide intelligent suggestions for configuration. 

It also includes built-in pipeline optimizations that are designed to enable development teams to save time and resources. 

TeamCity Pipelines supports YAML files for storing, modifying, and loading pipelines. 

JetBrains plans on integrating the solution into the JetBrains IDE, allowing developers to create, execute, and debug pipelines without having to switch out of their IDE. Additionally, by having access to the application file, TeamCity Pipelines will be able to better understand the context of the project and make more relevant recommendations.