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The changing landscape for Java tools

Over the past 25 years, the Java tool landscape has changed quite a bit. As Java is such an integral part of many companies’ development environments, there are a lot of vendors who provide support for Java in the form of tools for working with Java.  For example, over the years a number of companies … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Apache NetBeans becomes a Top-Level Project, Scoped Storage: updates and best practices, Rust releases Rust 1.34.1 and rustup 1.18.1

The venerable NetBeans Java IDE has joined the ranks of the Apache Software Foundation’s many Top-Level Projects (TLP), following its version 11.0 release earlier this month.   “Being part of the ASF means that NetBeans is now not only free and Open Source software: it is also, uniquely, and for the first time, part of … continue reading

Parasoft’s Jtest 10.4 increases code coverage while reducing unit testing time

Parasoft says it is reducing the time it takes to do unit testing with the latest release of Jtest. Jtest is the company’s automated Java software testing and static analysis tool. According to the company, Jtest 10.4 increases code coverage while greatly reducing the time it takes to do unit testing compared to previous versions. … continue reading

Java EE moves forward once again

The state of innovation in Java EE was so in question that, earlier this summer, the Java Guardians were formed to champion the platform and demand that it be pushed forward. At JavaOne today, Oracle finally detailed its plans to address the neglected enterprise Java platform. Alongside that road map came new information on the … continue reading

Proposal has NetBeans moving to Apache Incubator

This story has been updated to clarify the details of Geertjan Wielenga’s proposal. Geertjan Wielenga, working on behalf of Oracle, submitted a proposal to bring NetBeans to the Apache Software Foundation. Wielenga has been the project manager of NetBeans for many years, and his proposal seeks to bring NetBeans to a neutral third party so … continue reading

NetBeans IDE 8.0 provides tools for Java 8 technologies

The release provides improved support for Maven, Java EE, PHP and C/C++, as well as new HTML5 tools … continue reading

NetBeans 7.3 expands JavaScript support

The Java IDE from Oracle pivots a bit, getting a renewed focus on CSS3, HTML5 and, above all, JavaScript … continue reading

NetBeans 7.1 focuses on the Web

New support for CSS3 supplements JavaFX 2.0 features and UI enhancements … continue reading

Oracle releases NetBeans 7.0

That other Java IDE brings with it JDK 7 support and added features for handling app servers … continue reading

NetBeans 6.9 boosts interoperability

JavaFX Composer is the main ingredient. It is a visual editor for building JavaFX applications … continue reading Protection Status