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Automation ‘portends sea change’ in testing

Software testing is a perfect use case for artificial intelligence. Most testing today continues to be done manually, which is not efficient in a world of continuous delivery. According to David Hurwitz of testing company Appvance, 97% of the money spent on testing is going to labor – much of which is outsourced. “Software testing … continue reading

Guest View: Understand the mobile ecosystem before you test

Mobile apps are a necessity for companies of all sizes, and apps are getting more complex all the time. That along with the dizzying array of devices requires a well thought-out mobile testing strategy. And it will involve a bit of risk/reward analysis. Mobile apps come with inherent risks. For usability, compatibility and responsiveness testing, … continue reading

Guest View: Rethinking outsourcing

“Outsourcing” and “offshoring”—two words that have gotten a bad rap in the software industry—are gradually getting a whole new meaning thanks to an old friend: India. Traditionally, and maybe in your mind now, the software industry perceives Indian offshoring as a poor choice, likely to end in applications that can’t scale, misunderstandings that result in … continue reading

CISQ aims to ensure industry-wide software quality standards

The Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) has released two specifications to help organizations increase software quality. Managed by the Object Management Group (OMG), CISQ was chartered in 2009 to create specifications for measuring source code quality that can be approved by the OMG. “[The] industry needs standard, low-cost, automated measures for evaluating software size … continue reading

Guest View: Why outsourcing is no longer a dirty word

The word “outsourcing” comes with a lot of baggage.Rightly so, outsourcing is often associated with low-cost labor and taking jobs offshore. Large outsourcers are known for playing the cost arbitrage game. In many situations, results are compromised and quality is risked to reduce costs. Many managers have pulled out their hair trying to manage an … continue reading

Outsourcing 2.0: The future of processes and standards

Ad hoc outsourcing outfits are no good when it comes to long-term outsourcing setups … continue reading

Industry Watch: Outsourcing by another name

Ness Software’s Raja Nagarajan describes the process by which his company works with developers scattered globally … continue reading Protection Status