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What GitHub’s numbers say about its projects

GitHub yesterday posted a new blog entry detailing some statistics it gathered from the open-source projects hosted on its site. The report, written by Arfon Smith, program manager for open-source data at GitHub, and gives insight into how and why people contribute to open-source projects. Topping the blog entry was a chart detailing repository activity … continue reading

Xamarin offers update on Roslyn/Mono integration efforts

Xamarin and the Mono Project community are still working to integrate Microsoft’s open-source Roslyn compiler into Mono. In a post on his personal blog, Xamarin CTO Miguel de Icaza detailed the Xamarin and Mono efforts on two fronts: using Roslyn as Mono’s default compiler, and as its IDE engine powering code completion and refactoring. Over … continue reading

Microsoft releases Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2015 has arrived. Microsoft has announced the release to manufacturing of the latest version of its flagship IDE, along with the release of .NET 4.6. Joining Microsoft’s family of Visual Studio products including Visual Studio Community, Visual Studio Enterprise, Visual Studio Online and Visual Studio Code, VS 2015 is geared toward more robust … continue reading

Microsoft’s automatic code-formatting tool, and Google’s plans for HTTP/2—SD Times news digest: Feb. 10, 2015

Microsoft has announced its code-formatting tool is now available through GitHub. The tool, which is based on Roslyn, will work with any C# project and automatically formats code based on set guidelines, according to Microsoft. “We strongly believe that having a consistent style greatly increases the readability and maintainability of a codebase. The individual style … continue reading

Microsoft announces TypeScript 1.4, Visual Studio 2015 CTP 5

Microsoft has announced the release of version 1.4 of its TypeScript superset JavaScript programming language in conjunction with the fifth community technology preview of Visual Studio 2015. TypeScript 1.4 adds a series of type system improvements, new template strings, and support for features from ECMAScript 6, the upcoming update to the JavaScript standard. TypeScript program … continue reading

Microsoft and Google bicker over vulnerability disclosure, Rust 1.0 alpha, free Visual Studio for GitHub student developers—SD Times news digest: Jan. 12, 2015

Microsoft isn’t happy about Google’s disclosure of a zero-day vulnerability in Windows 8.1, and the company has publicly voiced its displeasure. In a blog post entitled “A Call for Better Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure,” senior director of Microsoft’s Security Response Center Chris Betz admonished Google for disclosing the vulnerability only two days before Microsoft was scheduled … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Microsoft releases QuickVB on BASIC’s 50th birthday

Windows console application runs new BASIC version on the Roslyn .NET compiler … continue reading

Microsoft continues to Build on day 2

A new compiler, cloud integration and more assistance for building back ends were the highlights … continue reading Protection Status