Microsoft has announced its code-formatting tool is now available through GitHub. The tool, which is based on Roslyn, will work with any C# project and automatically formats code based on set guidelines, according to Microsoft.

“We strongly believe that having a consistent style greatly increases the readability and maintainability of a codebase. The individual style decisions themselves are subjective, the key is the consistency of the decisions,” wrote Immo Landwerth, program manager at Microsoft, on the company’s blog.

According to the company, the tool is easy to use and only takes a few seconds to format code on average.

Google to gradually roll out HTTP/2
Google is saying goodbye to HTTP/1 and plans to progressively switch to HTTP/2 in Chrome 40.

“HTTP is the fundamental networking protocol that powers the Web,” wrote Chris Bentzel, multiplexing manager at Google, and Bence Béky, software engineer, on the company’s blog.” The majority of sites use version 1.1 of HTTP, which was defined in 1999 with RFC2616. A lot has changed on the Web since then, and a new version of the protocol named HTTP/2 is well on the road to standardization.”

According to Google, the primary changes in HTTP/2 are designed to improve performance with features such as header compression, protocol negotiation, multiplexing and prioritization.