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SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: Cutelyst

Cutelyst, a QT web framework, is on a mission to help developers to share code between their desktop and mobile apps. The open source project was released in October 2013 by Daniel Nicoletti. It is designed to enable the sharing of C++ code for web applications including Windows, Linux, OSX, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. “Why have … continue reading

Node.js 9 released as version 8 enters long-term support

The Node.js Foundation announced the release of version 9 of the Node.js JavaScript runtime today, while Node.js 8 is going into long-term support. The community-driven, open-source library has seen use in enterprise applications, robotics, API toolkits, serverless apps, mobile websites and others, according to the foundation, and long-term support means companies should begin migrating to … continue reading

Official HTTP/2 specification published

The major HTTP/2 revision to the Web network protocol has been formally finalized with its RFC (Request for Comments) release. HTTP/2, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 2, now appears at under rfc7540, signaling that the specification has reached its definitive version. According to the Internet Engineering Task Force, the organization managing HTTP/2 standardization, once … continue reading

Which protocol will take over for HTTP?

Now that the HTTP/2 specification has been formally approved, it seems that the Web has two choices when it comes to replacing HTTP: HTTP/2 or HTTP Secure (HTTPS). HTTPS is a protocol designed to improve encryption and communications across the Web. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), along with a group of technology organizations and researchers, … continue reading

HTTP/2 specification is formally approved

HTTP’s replacement is starting to make strides. Mark Nottingham, chairman of the Internet Engineering Task Force’s (IETF) HTTP working group, has announced that the HTTP/2 specification has been formally approved. According to Nottingham, the specification is entering the Request for Comments period, the last step before publication as a standard. HTTP/2 is the first significant … continue reading

Microsoft’s automatic code-formatting tool, and Google’s plans for HTTP/2—SD Times news digest: Feb. 10, 2015

Microsoft has announced its code-formatting tool is now available through GitHub. The tool, which is based on Roslyn, will work with any C# project and automatically formats code based on set guidelines, according to Microsoft. “We strongly believe that having a consistent style greatly increases the readability and maintainability of a codebase. The individual style … continue reading

Proxygen: Facebook’s C++ HTTP framework

Facebook today has open-sourced a collection of C++ HTTP libraries and an HTTP server that it calls Proxygen. According to a blog post from Facebook software engineers Alan Frindell and Daniel Sommermann, Proxygen is not designed to replace the C-based Apache or Nginx HTTP servers, but rather to build a high-performance C++ HTTP framework with … continue reading Protection Status