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MongoDB enhances its Atlas developer data platform

MongoDB yesterday added new capabilities to its MongoDB Atlas developer data platform, including generative AI, stream processing and more. The details were announced at the company’s developer conference in New York City. MongoDB Atlas Vector Search now uses generative AI to create highly relevant data retrieval and personalization into applications for improved customer experiences, the … continue reading

Elastic announces Elastic Enterprise Search beta

Elastic released the beta of Elastic Enterprise Search to provide organizations with a single, coordinated gateway that calms the chaos of searching through petabytes of data. Users can search through pull requests, issues, tickets, contracts, spreadsheets, documents and virtually any file type in one place without multiple browser windows holding many tabs. The initial beta … continue reading

Search provider Algolia acquires SeaUrchin.IO to enhance insights

Search and discovery service provider Algolia today announced the acquisition of SeaUrchin.IO, a real-time search insights platform, to add greater understanding of user behavior to its solution. Algolia’s search-as-a-service product “helps developers working in ecommerce and B-to-B deliver a great user experience,” Nicolas Dessaigne, Algolia’s founder, told SD Times. “We want to improve the search … continue reading

Guest View: Web and mobile search engines are still playing catch-up

Almost everyone has been on the mobile app or mobile site of a major brand, entered in a pretty obvious search term, and somehow not had the correct (or even any) results returned. It can be very frustrating, especially in those urgent moments when we really need something, and companies are starting to get serious … continue reading

Google planning for ‘AI-first world,’ according to CEO Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, is giving more insight on how the company plans to work with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality for moving toward what he called “an AI-first world.” In a Founders’ Letter posted on Google’s official blog today, he also proposed a plan for how the company can continue to make … continue reading

Deeplink debuts connective AppWords platform and SDK

Deeplink, a mobile deep-linking startup provider of a developer platform and app network of native retargeted deep links, has announced the launch of AppWords, a mobile search platform and SDK enabling developers to perform intent-based keyword searches for app content. AppWords, just out of beta, is designed to enable developers who integrate the SDK with … continue reading

SD Times’ GitHub Project of the Week: What happens when…

GitHub has proved itself a more-than-capable platform for sharing open-source software and allowing project ecosystems to grow and thrive, but it’s also spawned a unique form of informational crowdsourcing. “What happens when…” is a prime example of this fascinating use case, and our GitHub Project of the Week. Created by Alex Gaynor, a digital service … continue reading

Promoting great search results

Using promoted search results can make users happier and help organizations reap bigger benefits from SharePoint. … continue reading

Planning your search strategy is more important than ever

Enabling everyone in your organization to find content within seconds creates big ROI potential. … continue reading Protection Status