MongoDB yesterday added new capabilities to its MongoDB Atlas developer data platform, including generative AI, stream processing and more. The details were announced at the company’s developer conference in New York City.

MongoDB Atlas Vector Search now uses generative AI to create highly relevant data retrieval and personalization into applications for improved customer experiences, the company said in its announcement. 

The company also said it enhanced MongoDB Search Nodes to provide a dedicated  infrastructure for search use cases, enabling customers to scale the infrastructure independent of the database. This helps them more flexibly and efficiently manage unforeseen spikes and high-throughput workloads.

MongoDB Atlas Stream Processing helps developers build event-driven applications by unifying how they handle data in motion and at rest; MongoDB Time Series collections now have significant scaling and efficiency improvements; and MongoDB Atlas Data Federation and Online Archive have new features for querying data and isolating workloads on Microsoft Azure as well as AWS, the company announced.

Dev Ittycheria, president and CEO at MongoDB, said, “With the new features we’re launching today, we’re further supporting not only customers who are just getting started, but also customers who have the most demanding requirements for functionality, performance, scale, and flexibility so they can unleash the power of software and data to build advanced applications to transform their businesses.”

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