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Code in the fast lane: Why secure developers can ship at warp speed

Skills verification has been a facet of our lives for most of the modern era, granting us validity and opening doors that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Driving, for example, is an important rite of passage for most, and we’re expected to pass a set of standardized assessments to confirm that we can be trusted with … continue reading

The Open Source Software Security Mobilization Plan: A new hope for developer-driven security

Those who know me understand that I try to find some positivity in every moment. However, it has to be said that the past few years of escalating cybersecurity incidents have made it quite difficult to find the silver lining.  Just glancing at some of the data-driven insights into our growing predicament reveals something of … continue reading

Secure Code Warrior launches GitLab integration

Secure Code Warrior, a global security organization, has joined GitLab’s global partner program. This new partnership means that Secure Code Warrior will make its learning platform available to developers on GitLab’s DevOps platform.  This integration will work to enhance real-time secure coding guidance, which is an important piece of the process of detecting and fixing … continue reading

Developers need learning, skills to tackle security

Pieter Danhieux has an impressive background in cybersecurity. And he acknowledges that when it comes to building software, problems in the code lead to security issues. Yet he blames this problem not on the developers themselves, but on what he has seen as “a lot of things we’ve done wrong with developers.” Organizations, he said, … continue reading

Perforce improves security with Secure Code integration

Perforce Software announced new functionality to speed the remediation of discovered defects in automated scans. This is delivered through integration with Secure Code Warrior (SCW) in which Klocwork customers can instantly connect to resources that explain how to mitigate vulnerabilities.  By Connecting the relevant SCW learning resources to the security vulnerabilities as they are detected … continue reading Protection Status