Topic: silicon valley season 1

‘Silicon Valley’ Episode 8: Let’s Pivot

Changing circumstances lead Richard and Pied Piper to an onstage breakthrough in the Season One finale … continue reading

‘Silicon Valley’ Episode 7: Showtime

Pied Piper heads to TechCrunch Disrupt, where the gang faces a whole new set of obstacles … continue reading

‘Silicon Valley’ Episode 6: Lost in the cloud

A wiz kid hacker throws a wrench into Pied Piper; the gang hits up a satanic cult ritual … continue reading

SD Times Blog: ‘Silicon Valley’ Episode 5: Logos and workflows

Erlich commissions a graffiti artist to spray-paint a new logo; Richard realizes he’s caught in a much larger game … continue reading

SD Times Blog: ‘Silicon Valley’ Episode 4: TOGA, TOGA

The gang goes to a toga party; Erlich and Richard channel their inner Jobs and Wozniak … continue reading

SD Times Blog: ‘Silicon Valley’ Episode 3: What’s in a name?

Richard negotiates for his startup’s name while Erlich goes on a hallucinogenic Vision Quest … continue reading

‘Silicon Valley’ Episode 2: A reality check

Last night’s episode shows that a great idea alone doesn’t make a profitable tech company … continue reading

SD Times Blog: ‘Silicon Valley’ offers dark satire of tech industry

A look at Mike Judge’s HBO comedy about six programmers trying to make it big … continue reading

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