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The evolving role of developers in data analytics

The ability to harness the immense power of data analytics is fast becoming a fundamental requirement for organizations across all industries. Integrating data analytics into custom applications—long viewed as the job of third-party applications and extensions—is increasingly becoming the responsibility of the software developer. By embedding analytics natively into an application, users are ensured a … continue reading

Sisense releases new SDK to enable developers to build AI-powered analytics experiences into their applications

The analytics company Sisense has just announced the release of its Compose SDK for Fusion, which is a toolkit that allows developers to connect to Sisense’s Fusion analytics platform and create dynamic queries, charts, and filters from their application’s code.  According to the company, this new SDK will allow developers to easily build analytics experiences … continue reading

Sisense releases new toolkit to help developers embed analytics capabilities into their apps

The analytics company Sisense is releasing a public preview of a new SDK that it hopes will empower developers to embed analytics capabilities into their apps. Compose SDK for Fusion is a toolkit that provides tools and components for embedding analytics in a modular way so that developers don’t have to build those capabilities from … continue reading

Rancher Labs releases RancherOS, VMware’s intent to acquire Wavefront, and OpenBSD 6.1 — SD Times news digest: April 12, 2017

Rancher Labs has announced the general availability of RancherOS. RancherOS is the company’s simplified Linux distribution for containers. It is designed to make it easier to run containers at scale in development, test, and production. Key features include a minimalist OS, automatic configuration, simple setup, reduced footprint, and extensive platform support. “RancherOS is a minimalist … continue reading Protection Status