The analytics company Sisense has just announced the release of its Compose SDK for Fusion, which is a toolkit that allows developers to connect to Sisense’s Fusion analytics platform and create dynamic queries, charts, and filters from their application’s code. 

According to the company, this new SDK will allow developers to easily build analytics experiences into their applications without spending too many development hours to do so. 

Developers can utilize the SDK alongside their existing tech stack and components. 

“Today’s SaaS product teams are challenged to release more products within shorter development cycles. Integrating analytics post-development with third-party products can create discrepancies between the applications and the analytics tools that are running alongside them, ultimately hurting the user journey. Compose SDK changes this dynamic by enabling companies to infuse analytics everywhere with a custom-coded analytics functionality that runs natively within the application. Embedding context-aware analytics in a code-first, scalable, and modular way creates a more powerful development cycle that delivers analytics right where users need them,” the company wrote in a press release

This comes as part of the company’s Fusion Winter 2024 release, which includes new features for collaboration and customization, such as the ability to have multiple designers on a single dashboard and new capabilities for perspectives such as duplicating perspectives, managing drill hierarchies, and custom columns. 

Visit for tutorials, samples, and a quickstart guide for working with Compose SDK.