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Apple’s sales decline as a result of lacking ‘self-cannibalism’

This week, Apple released a report that showed that its first decline in revenue in 13 years. Sources said part of the decline is because of fewer new products, iPhone sales slowing down, and the company’s lack of “cannibalism.” According to the company’s report, Apple’s quarterly revenue is US$50.6 billion and its quarterly net income … continue reading

Steve Jobs’ life told through animation

While there have been books, documentaries and biopics made to celebrate the life of Apple founder Steve Jobs, one company is using animation to depict how he revolutionized technology. QuartSoft, an IT outsourcing company, has created an animated biography of his life. “Steve Jobs once said, ‘One way to remember who you are or want … continue reading

SD Times Editor Blog: Was ‘Steve Jobs’ another failed biopic?

Another Steve Jobs movie? That’s what a majority of people thought when it was revealed that screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and director Danny Boyle would be taking on a new biopic of the iconic technology figure Steve Jobs. The first biopic was released in 2013, starring Ashton Kutcher, and let’s just say it didn’t sit well … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Apple’s three greatest exposures

This hasn’t been a great year for Apple. Their stock peaked in early February, and it has been declining ever since. The Apple Watch that was hoped would reverse this slide had no real material impact, iPads are now in decline, and they’ve recently tried to reinvigorate iPods in order to get some positive traction. … continue reading

Steve Jobs deserves the right biopic

Steve Jobs is about as iconic and complex a figure as the tech world has ever seen, so it’s no surprise his life story has been so quickly swept up into Hollywood biopic fodder. Walter Isaacson’s 2011 Jobs biography was a New York Times Bestseller, capturing a distinct cultural moment. It was hard to go … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Apple has lost the magic

Steve Jobs was uniquely positioned to move the iPod into bigger and better places. Now that he’s gone, though… … continue reading

SD Times Blog: New Indiegogo project would fund giant Steve Jobs statue

Can his biggest fans raise enough cash to create something that rivals the Colossus of Rhodes? … continue reading

The passing of pioneers

Six technology luminaries were lost in 2011, but they live on through their legacies … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Why Google’s Obama gambit will fail

What could Eric Schmidt get from President Obama is he supports his jobs bill? … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: The passing of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a world leader and innovator, so let’s remember him for what he did for his friends, family and beyond … continue reading

From the Editors: Sailing the winds of mobile change

The mobile market is too fluid to rely on just one provider; patents need to go; an overlooked aspect of Steve Jobs’ legacy … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Apple, and computing, after Jobs

The mission for Jobs’ successor now is to make the company his own, not endlessly second-guess what to do going forward … continue reading Protection Status