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Datical 5 released with improved database release visibility

Datical has announced the latest release of its enterprise-class platform for automating database releases, Datical 5. Datical 5 is designed to improve database release visibility and increase developer productivity. “Datical 5 speeds software deployment by providing a central command center to achieve a unified pipeline for application and database changes, freeing up time for development, … continue reading

Android Auto access from smartphones, Sencha announces web application platform updates, and XebiaLabs DevOps solution hits version 6.0—SD Times news digest: Nov. 8, 2016

Google has announced that Android Auto is now available in every car as a way to give drivers an easy way to access information they need. According to a blog post by Gerhard Schobbe, product manager at Android Auto, 200 car models from more than 50 brands support Android Auto. Since older vehicle models are … continue reading

XebiaLabs unveils ChatOps feature

XebiaLabs wants to help DevOps teams communicate better. The company is introducing a new ChatOps feature to XL Deploy, its deployment and application release automation tool. According to the company, while chat tools like HipChat and Slack have been an effective way to communicate among distributed and DevOps teams, they don’t allow developers to chat … continue reading Protection Status