Telerik, an end-to-end provider of software application, lifecycle and content management solutions, today revealed the latest release of Telerik’s Sitefinity, its award-winning ASP.NET Content Management System (CMS). Sitefinity 5.0 continues to advance the benefits provided to developers, marketing end-users and IT managers.

This release delivers enhanced mobile features to manage web content uniquely adapting it to display appropriately on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Out-of-the-box, Sitefinity 5.0 integrates a responsive design approach that empowers a marketing end-user to define rule-based webpages that dynamically adapt to different size screens.  No more updates of multiple content versions of the same website or “exception” only coding is required by a developer.

Utilizing Cascading Style Sheets support for CSS3 media queries, content from the same source page will automatically resize and selectively display as appropriate on the screen of a desktop, tablet or smart phone. The marketing end-user can preview the page layout on numerous smartphone and tablet devices through the built-in device emulators to ensure page elements are displayedproperly, and layout and design are preserved.

“In most CMS solutions, the challenges of supporting different display sizes required explicate hand coding and developing and testing of multiple website versions for different mobile devices.” said Martin Kirov, executive vice president of Sitefinity, Telerik, “Sitefinity is the first web content management platform to integrate responsive design, allowing Sitefinity developers and marketing end-users to easily define the appearance
of content depending on the device. This is extremely powerful and strategic approach considering that mobile traffic is expected to continue to increase dramatically.”

The Sitefinity 5.0 release also provides a new Forums module used to organize forums and threads, and manage membership and moderators. It also supports advanced posts search.

The Sitefinity Thunder plug-in for Visual Studio allows developers to create and maintain themes through the familiar VisualStudio environment. With Sitefinity Thunder developers will connect to theirwebsites and will be able to easily create, modify and deploy their customizations.

New enhancements in Sitefinity Ecommerce will allow merchants to sell downloadable goods and digital products.  End-users (non-developers) can upload the digital media (i.e., PDF, MP3, MP4, etc.) they wish to be protected using a Sitefinity’s web interface; set a price and Sitefinity will manage the authorization details.

With the new Windows Authentication support and Single Sign-on, Sitefinity website administrators managing an array of internal systems and multiple websites will be able to easily control the access and authentication process in their organizations.

Sitefinity 5.0 offers a seamless upgrade from previous Sitefinity 4.x versions. Sitefinity 3.x clients can take advantage of the integrated Sitefinity migration tool to upgrade to the latest version.

For a complete list of new features and additional details about Sitefinity 5.0, please visit or follow @sitefinity on Twitter. For more information about Telerik, please visit or follow @telerik on Twitter.