HCL OneTest supports a DevOps testing approach with UI testing, API testing, Performance testing, data fabrication, and service Virtualization. The solution is designed to automate and run tests early and more frequently to discover errors faster. Recent additions to the HCL OneTest platform use cloud native technologies to offer users a solution that is both secure and offers discoverability of tests to enable re-use and collaboration. HCL OneTest supports DevOps deployment solutions through a wide range of integrations, and the emerging Value Stream Management sector by integrating with UrbanCode Velocity.

Parasoft’s UI testing solutions make it easy to automate web UI tests and integrate into your CI/CD pipeline. For Selenium users, Parasoft Selenic self-heals Selenium scripts at runtime and provides quick fixes in the user’s IDE to automatically update Selenium scripts. For users with complex test scenarios, Parasoft SOAtest provides complete end-to-end functional test automation (e.g. UI, API, database), integrated with Parasoft Virtualize for creating virtualized test environments that are available anytime, anywhere

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Applitools modernizes functional and visual testing through Visual AI for increased coverage, higher quality, and better release velocity all for less time and money. Built for both developers and quality engineers, Applitools automatically validates the look, feel, and functionality of apps using 99.999% accurate computer vision technology leveraging images instead of flaky, cumbersome test code. Applitools integrates easily with all major test automation frameworks in any programming language covering web, mobile, and desktop apps.   

Appium is an open-source test automation framework for native, hybrid and mobile web apps. It is a JS Foundation project that graduated in 2017. It features the ability to automate any mobile apps from any language or any test framework, full access to back-end APIs and DBs from test code, and the ability to write tests with third-party development tools. It supports iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. 

Eggplant: Intelligent test automation is critical to success in the digital age. Eggplant enables companies to view their technology through the eyes of their users. The continuous, intelligent approach tests the end-to-end customer experience and investigates every possible user journey, providing unparalleled test coverage. Our technology taps AI and machine learning to test any technology on any device, operating system, or browser at any layer, from the UI to APIs to the database. The Eggplant platform can adapt as companies embrace new digital technologies, providing organizations with a framework for intelligent test automation that can easily scale to address tomorrow’s testing needs.

FrogLogic Squish is an automated GUI testing solution designed for cross-platform desktop, mobile, embedded and web apps. It is used for automating functional regression tests and system tests of graphical user interfaces and human machine interfaces. Features include support for all major GUI technologies, test script recording, object identification and verifications, an integrated development environment, popular script languages for test scripting, support for BDD, and integration into test management and CI-systems. 

Functionize, an automated testing solution is equipped combines natural language processing, deep-learning ML models and other AI-based technologies to enable teams to test faster and smarter. Its visual testing capabilities ensures the whole UI is tested with visual comparison, visual completion and visual confirmation.

Katalon The Katalon product suite is designed to generate automated tests across platforms. Katalon Recorder is a lightweight extension for test automation recording and playback. Katalon Studio aims to simplify test automation activities with built-in project templates, end-to-end testing, object spying, dual-editor interface, and a comprehensive BDD solution. Katalium is a new framework that provides blueprints of test automation projects based on Selenium and TestNG. The company also has a beta solution, Katalon TestOps, designed to get the ‘true value’ out of automation. 

Leapwork provides automated UI testing for everyone on the team. From technical testers to non-developers and even managers. Users can design and execute automated test cases as visual flowcharts and automate any applications with the help of natuve support and Selenium-based web automation. It features the ability to drive automation with external data, build reusable components, plug into the DevOps pipeline, report on project status, and schedule repeated execution.

Mabl is a codeless UI testing service. It enables continuous testing with an auto-healing automation framework and maintenance-free test infrastructure. Mabl advances traditional UI testing using proprietary machine learning models to automatically identify application issues, including JavaScript errors, visual regressions, broken links, increased latency, and more.

Percy is an “all-in-one visual review platform” that is designed to integrate with existing workflows and provide visual insight into product changes. It covers the entire UI and highlights relevant visual changes across web apps and component libraries. Some UI features include pixel-by-pixel diffs, responsive diffs, and snapshot stability to minimize false positives

Perfecto’s smart automation test platform features continuous testing capabilities for web and mobile apps. The platform is AI-powered to help users test smarter and get more insights with fewer false negatives; features enterprise-grade support; and has test creaton, execution, analysis and lab capabilities. 

Ranorex provides test automation for all. Users can take advantage of Rx Ranorex Studio for end-to-end testing of desktop, web and mobile apps. Ranorex Webtestit features out-of-the-box web test automation for Selenium or Protractor using Java, TypeScript of Python. In addition, Ranorex Studio features all the tools necessary for web test automation such as capture-and-replay, a full IDE, and built-in reporting capabilities. 

Sauce Labs provides the world’s largest cloud-based platform for automated testing of web and mobile applications. Optimized for use in CI and CD environments, and built with an emphasis on security, reliability and scalability, users can run tests written in any language or framework using Selenium or Appium, both widely adopted open-source standards for automating browser and mobile application functionality.

Selenium is an open-source browser and automation framework and ecosystem. It features the Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid and Selenium WebDriver. The IDE records and plays back test automation for the web. WebDriver is for creating browser-based regression automation suites and tests. Lastly, Grid enables users to distribute and run tests on several machines and manage multiple environments from a single point. 

SmartBear enables teams to build and run UI tests across desktop, mobile, and web applications. SmartBear solutions support a wide variety of scripting languages, and come with an extensive object library with over fifty thousand object properties. With powerful test planning, test creation, test data management, test execution, and test environment solutions, SmartBear is paving the way for teams to consistently deliver quality at both the UI and API layer.