Digital quality and crowdsourced testing company Applause released an industry standard for enterprise digital quality aimed at helping users understand the level of quality that they are getting from build-to-build. The company also announced the release of Applause Labs, an innovation engine to further testing concepts. 

The Applause Quality Score (AQS) calculates builds with a 0-100 value with regards to users’ builds and shows quality trends over time.  

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“We are uniquely positioned to deliver the AQS to enterprise companies because we created the crowdtesting category over a decade ago and have the historical data necessary to know what the standard for great digital quality looks like. Over time, we will continue to evolve the AQS through Applause Labs,” Jonathan Zaleski senior director of engineering and head of Applause Labs, wrote in a blog post.

The company aims to make critical release or don’t release decisions easier for clients by providing assigning a quality score based on testing results. 

Meanwhile, with the launch of Applause Labs, the company plans to build new testing concepts. The company expanded its reach through investing in crowdsourcing, in which software professionals around the world test on their own devices. This provides a more distributed and scalable way of testing than traditional testing approaches, according to Applause.

“This new program will enable us to explore next-generation testing ideas through a rapid proof-of-concept format. With Applause Labs, which encompasses both our R&D initiatives as well as an expanded focus on developing new testing concepts, we will investigate and deliver some entirely new product offerings,” said Zaleski.