OzCode is on a mission to reduce the time it takes to debug a service from days to hours to minutes with its latest debugging as a service solution. OzCode provides debugging extensions for Visual Studio. Its latest OzCode Azure DevOps offering is available through Microsoft Azure cloud.

“Studies show that roughly 50 percent of a software developer’s time is spent debugging,” said Omer Raviv, co-founder and CTO of OzCode. “Our goal is to drastically reduce the amount of time spent on debugging, and thereby improve the lives of our fellow developers.”

According to the company, one of the biggest challenges when it comes to debugging is debugging in production. “A bug that is found in production costs infinitely more to fix than a bug found during development or testing. In the best case scenario, it will simply be much longer to find and solve. In the worst case, the bug will cause material damages and loss of customers,” Raviv wrote in a blog.

The solution aims to provide “pre-bugging” capabilities so developers can find bugs and fix them before they happen. While it is ideal to find bugs before they get released into production, Raviv explained the reality is that bugs are still found in production. To address this, the production debugging solution features integration with Application Insights so it can extract a snapshot at the time of failure and display the source code in the debugging solution. In addition, OzCode features time-travel debugging so developers can create “what if” scenarios and make live code changes in the browser without having to redeploy or reproduce the scenario, according to Raviv.

Other features include automatic redaction of personally identifiable information, live coding to obtain instant verification, analysis of crash dumps, automated tests from production use-cases and full traceability.