Bitbar, the leading cloud-based Android testing platform, announced today the commercial availability of its end-to-end automated testing solution to Android mobile app developers at Google I/O Developer Conference, June 27-29 in San Francisco.

Testdroid provides the first fully automated, scalable testing platform for Android application developers to test in real time in a matter of minutes. Testdroid Cloud covers 70 percent of the most popular Android-handsets available on the market today and new devices are added weekly.

Testdroid lets mobile developers run automated tests on tens of devices at the same time, records the tests and analyzes the test results all within in 10 minutes, versus one week or more if this work is done manually. By testing the application on real target devices, developers can spend more time adding new features.

“QA is important for any mobile app developers because they don’t want bad ratings and uninstalls to sink their app,” said Marko Kaasila, CEO, Bitbar. “The performance of a popular game comes across as poor in a low-end phone, which is troublesome because the biggest casual gaming demographic, 13-25 year olds, is the demographic for those phones.”

Bitbar also offers Testdroid Server for larger companies who want to run automated tests in-house on their own phones. Testdroid customers include web and mobile companies such as LinkedIn, Flipboard, Critical Path and Telefonica and many others.

We have created cloud-based testing automation that lets computers do the repetitive and manual work of testing devices so that you can test more than one device at a time without draining internal resources or farming out the testing to offshore teams,” added Kaasila.