The NAG Library for Java programmers has been announced by the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG). It provides Java developers with the latest tried and tested NAG Library routines. Contact us to find out more or visit the website
This NAG Library for Java ( provides access to over 1,700 routines to aid researchers, engineers, scientists, business and financial analysts, and others who develop applications in Java.

Software developers writing in the popular Java language that require accurate and reliable numerical functionality are faced with a dilemma – write numerical routines yourself or source elsewhere? The NAG Library saves those working in the environment crucial development time by providing world-class quality, robust, stringently tested and fully documented numerical code in one cost effective numerical library. Why waste time writing arduous routines when the work has been done for you?

NAG Library for Java numerical routines include:
· Optimization, (Local and Global)
· Linear, quadratic, integer and nonlinear programming
· Ordinary and partial differential equations
· Solution of dense, banded and sparse linear equations and eigenvalue problems
· Solution of linear and nonlinear least squares problems
· Curve and surface fitting
· Interpolation
· Special functions
· Numerical integration and integral equations
· Roots of nonlinear equations
· Option Pricing Formulae
· Wavelet Transforms

Statistical routines included in the NAG Library for Java:
· Random number generation
· Calculations on statistical data
· Correlation and regression analysis
· Multivariate methods
· Analysis of variance and contingency table analysis
· Time series analysis
· Nonparametric statistics