The software component vendor Text Control announced the immediate availability of its cross-platform, cross-browser product to create reporting templates on the Web.

“Our new HTML5 rendering technology is a radical change in the way documents are edited in browsers – it is not ‘yet another HTML editor’. Developers integrate a Microsoft Word look & feel and a true WYSIWYG rendering into their ASP.NET Web applications,” said Bjoern Meyer, President of Text Control, LLC in the United States.

Text Control Reporting combines the power of a reporting tool and an easy-to-use WYSIWYG word processor that is fully programmable and embeddable in .NET applications. With Text Control Reporting, users can create documents and templates using ordinary Microsoft Word skills. End-users create documents and templates on all operating systems with HTML5 capable browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Zero footprint – no plug-ins
Text Control HTML5 supports all typical word processing features such as full table support, headers and footers, sections and tab positions. Additionally, reporting elements such as merge fields, master-detail views, barcodes and 2D and 3D charts can be inserted and bound to database fields.The created templates are merged using the reporting engine of Text Control to create documents and reports as Adobe PDF or other typical formats.

As an active member of the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner Program and as an official Visual Studio Sim-Ship Partner, the company is committed to make sure that the products work seamlessly with Microsoft Visual Studio. TX Text Control X11 supports the latest Visual Studio versions and takes advantage of modern Microsoft Web and Server technologies.

“VSIP Program partners like Text Control are easing the complexity of editing documents for developers using Visual Studio,” said Mitra Azizirad, General Manager, Developer Platform & Sales at Microsoft Corp. “The new Text Control solution provides improved productivity and tighter integration with Visual Studio – valuable assets in today’s fast-paced world of software development.”

More information can be found at the dedicated Website: