Typemock, the leading provider and pioneer of easy unit testing solutions, announced today that it is introducing a new concept in software development – adaptive bug prevention. Typemock is releasing a preview version of the first adaptive bug prevention solution which is powered by unit tests that operate in the background and learns the users code logic to catch and prevent bugs.

According to research conducted by Market Watch on behalf of Typemock, bugs were identified as responsible for reducing developers’ confidence in their code, effecting code quality and recognized as the major cause of pressure when it came to meeting development deadlines. In addition, bugs were acknowledged as the reason for slowing the development process and increasing the costs involved. They were described as ‘frustrating’ and the least enjoyable task in the development process. The developers requested a way of preventing bugs without having to change the way in which they work and for this reason Typemock have created Armadillo, which fully integrates into Visual Studio to form an environment for developers to write code through its ‘safety-net’ of automated unit tests that run ‘behind the scenes’.

“Bugs are the biggest hindrance in software development and around 90% of bugs can be detected during the coding stage so after speaking with numerous developers we have created Armadillo to prevent them” commented Eli Lopian, Typemock’s founder and CEO. “As pioneers in the areas of unit testing and TDD, we want to help those developers that do not necessarily perform these practices, yet want to maintain code quality whilst lowering testing overheads. Armadillo will boost productivity because you’ll spend more time producing working code and less time debugging regression bugs. We’ve already received a positive response from fifty opinion leaders and are looking forward to hearing the feedback from the developer community during the preview period.”