SharePoint Magazine is back! Now under the auspices of Bjorn Furuknap and USPJA Publishing, the monthly dedicated to SharePoint information and instruction is an excellent resource for branding, organizing and managing SharePoint implementations. USPJA Publishing is a subsidiary of USPJ Academy and is the academy’s publishing arm. (Also in the stable is USP Journal.)

According to Furuknap, every writer for SharePoint Magazine will go through a training program, because “the idea is to focus on quality rather than quantity.” Then, a team of four editors will be reviewing all content on a fixed schedule to make sure the articles are updated to correspond with the latest hotfixes, service packs and so on. As USPJA faculty member and contributing writer Marc Anderson put it, “We want to be the Rolls Royce of SharePoint, without the blowing up over Indonesia thing…”

USPJA Publishing also struck a deal with Bob Mixon to relaunch the SharePoint Beagle newsletter; Furuknap said that is expected to happen in January.

*   *   *

I’ll be at the SharePoint Winter Expo at Microsoft’s Manhattan offices today, and will report back in this space next week. It’s a great event to hear about the latest initiatives at Microsoft, and hear from some vendors about their newest releases. I hope to see some of you there!

— David