Vaadin Ltd., the company behind the popular open source Vaadin Framework, today announced the availability of Vaadin TouchKit 2.0. Vaadin TouchKit is an extension to Vaadin Framework and it provides a unique approach for rapid iOS mobile web application development, in pure Java.

“It’s commonly accepted fact that supporting mobile devices will be a priority for enterprises who want to optimize their workforce or to provide a better mobile user experience for their partners. However, majority of enterprises do not possess the in-house knowledge or funds to develop native mobile applications, or they just think that it is too time-consuming.

We wanted to create a tool that can be used to produce native looking-applications really fast, reducing development time from weeks to days. Now Java developers can extend their enterprise solutions for mobile devices without any knowledge of the target mobile platform, writing code with a language they already master. Small learning curve and easy deployment may be the parameters that brings your mobile project solid ROI.”, explains Sami Kaksonen, VP, Commercial Products of Vaadin Ltd.

Web framework based solutions allow enterprises to deploy and manage their applications when appropriate, not depending on online Application Store acceptance processes.

Vaadin Framework considerably simplifies the development process by removing one of the most complex parts – the need of building the communication layer between the web browser and the server. In addition to building on the #1 enterprise platform – Java – this server-centric development approach sets Vaadin apart from the competition. All development from the mobile UI to the backend system integration can be done in a single development environment, the one developers are already familiar with.

Vaadin TouchKit provides a very cost-effective development model for building HTML5 compatible enterprise mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

More information about Vaadin TouchKit is available at