Tasktop announced its new Tasktop Viz VSM Portfolio Insights, which aims to bridge the IT-to-business gap for value stream management. The company also closed $100 million in new funding.

According to the company, the VSM Portfolio Insights Dashboard rolls up metrics and analytics generated at the individual product value stream level to the executive plane. It then displays metrics such as the progress of the shift from project to product-based IT, the ability to respond rapidly to the market, the business processes capable of acceleration and more. 

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“The new portfolio-level VSM insights highlight what’s working and what still needs improvement, so leaders can drill down to the product level as needed and work with their direct reports on progressing toward business goals and continuous improvement,” explained Nicole Bryan, CPO at Tasktop. “The emphasis on business impact and long-term value also shifts perceptions from IT being seen as a cost center to what it actually is — a profit center.”

The Shift to Product Insights within the new portfolio enable CIOs and IT leaders to measure the shift from project to product-based IT. 

Secondly, Agile Improvement insights identify where high workloads are straining resource capacity and diminishing the return from transformation efforts.

Lastly, Product Management Improvement insights help business leaders shift the focus from short-term gains to long-term value by cultivating new product management skills within existing staff members. 

Tasktop said it plans to accelerate growth and expand market leadership with the $100 million in new funding. 

“As VSM continues to become the foundation for digital transformation at scale, I am thrilled that we now have a world-class partner to help us deliver even more innovation and value to our customers,” said Mik Kersten, Tasktop founder and CEO.