We asked these tool providers to share more information on how their solutions help companies with their value streams. Their responses are below.

Laureen Knudsen, chief transformation officer at Broadcom

ValueOps from Broadcom is the leading Value Stream Management Platform that allows large organizations to deploy and execute a “true” value stream management strategy. Only Broadcom offers an integrated solution with the depth and breadth of capabilities needed to optimize the rapid delivery of customer value, with the scale and customization required by the world’s most complex enterprises.

Unlike other tools and technology that purport to deliver VSM functionality, only Broadcom provides these two key capabilities that are essential for successful execution:

  •       The ability for all value stream participants and stakeholders to plan, align, monitor, track, deliver, and optimize work consistently by its most valuable metric – customer value delivered – while still providing the specialized tools and capabilities needed by each individual role or discipline.
  •       The ability to extend value streams across the enterprise, beyond their traditional home in IT, DevOps and agile management, encompassing the entire value life cycle from concept to cash.

Value Stream Management: The practice that finally unites business and IT
A guide to value stream management tools

Lance Knight, COO at ConnectALL

Have you ever wondered why the vision you have for your business never comes to fruition? If you haven’t, then your executive leadership has. 

At ConnectALL we have noticed that executives are growing increasingly frustrated that the plans they have for their organizations are constantly over budget and plagued with delays. 

Over the years, we have noticed a common theme: Unpredictability.

There are three primary reasons why this is crushing your business today:

  1. Lack of visibility into processes makes planning impossible
  2. Lack of relevant measurements hinders their ability to understand their processes
  3. Lack of automated delivery processes prevent consistency and repeatability

Companies are still struggling to be more predictable. However, we believe value stream management is perfectly positioned to help. We believe that there are three critical pillars to value stream management:

  1. See your value stream – Visualize the people, processes, and technology
  2. Measure your value stream – Capture the most impactful metrics in real time
  3. Automate your value stream – Connect all of your tools to optimize software delivery

Our platform enables humans to see, measure, and automate their software delivery value streams. That said, no tool can manage your value stream for you. Value stream management is still a human endeavor. 

Get started today: https://www.connectall.com/ 

Dominik Rose, VP Product, Value Stream Management at LeanIX 

LeanIX Value Stream Management (VSM) helps enterprises build reliable digital products faster by streamlining operations for engineering managers, DevOps teams and product IT. Leveraging the company’s Continuous Transformation Platform – the de facto standard for managing technology landscapes – LeanIX VSM connects code to business outcomes by establishing end-to-end visibility into software delivery performance. It provides insights to make data-driven decisions to increase productivity through knowledge-sharing and improved collaboration, while eliminating waste based on flow metrics, and measuring business outcomes and streamlining governance.

LeanIX VSM helps engineering leaders, DevOps teams and Product IT speak a common language to address the complexity of different toolsets, cross-functional processes and new ways of working. Software teams can measure real value to the business while reconciling the needs of engineering teams and IT leadership. LeanIX VSM connects knowledge and flow processes to improve the reliability of software, allocate resources more effectively, and make decisions more confidently across the organization.

LeanIX VSM includes integrations that expand its extensive cataloging services to connect source data from disconnected teams, tools and environments. Within one holistic solution, LeanIX VSM provides dashboards and reports so teams can quickly surface bottlenecks that exist in engineering pipelines and public cloud and cloud-native instances (AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, etc.).

Chandra Ranganathan, co-founder and CEO at Opsera

Opsera empowers software and DevOps engineers to deliver software faster, safer and smarter with the first “no-code DevOps orchestration platform” that enables Value Stream Management (VSM) for enterprises.

Opsera orchestrates tools, pipelines and insights by maximizing choice and no-code automation. Through a self-service catalog and tool registry, engineering and DevOps teams can instantly provision and integrate their choice of CI/CD and DevOps tools in their choice of cloud. They can also build scalable no-code pipelines in minutes (for SDLC/software delivery, infrastructure automation and SaaS applications releases), with built-in security, quality and approval gates. Unified and actionable insights are provided with more than 100 KPIs, end-to-end auditing and observability of every tool and task to make troubleshooting, value stream analysis, and compliance a breeze.

Opsera’s capabilities provide significant business value through increased agility and security, as well as reduction of time, cost and risk. Rather than “build it yourself,” developers are freed up to focus on and ship core products faster. Opsera enhances the security, quality and compliance posture of software delivery with a shift-left approach, and increases efficiencies through end-to-end visibility.  Last but not least, Opsera provides greater flexibility compared to “black box” solutions and enables better governance over the CI/CD and DevOps ecosystem.

Prashant Darisi, VP and GM for CEM for Business Solutions at Everbridge

Our Digital Operations Platform is purpose-built to help organizations of any size to support their Value Stream Management initiatives. As a concept, Value Stream Management has existed for many years, but as DevOps transformations are beginning to mature, we have begun to see its importance as part of the software development lifecycle. The key benefits of Value Stream Management are in delivering greater business value, quicker time-to-delivery and the removal of waste and toil from delivery practices.  

Organizations should be focused on thoughtful automation and process simplification that empowers teams to focus their attention on optimizing current solutions and delivering innovative products at scale. Without full visibility of the entire value stream, teams will struggle to identify critical improvement opportunities and solutions.

Our Digital Operations Platform can help organizations:

  • Rapidly assess digital service disruptions
  • Act quickly on service disruptions before they impact customer experience
  • Analyze problems and processes with 360-degree post-mortems
  • Continuously improve processes and services
  • Gain situational awareness through contextual notifications for fast MTTR

With xMatters, an Everbridge Company you can align technical and business goals while enabling your organization to anticipate and address service issues quickly and confidently. See for yourself by trying xMatters free.