Value stream management companies Tasktop and Broadcom have announced a new partnership to enable companies to better measure their business value. 

Tasktop’s technology will power Broadcom’s ValueOps Connectors, which will synchronize data between software development tools and Broadcom’s ValueOps Value Stream Management Solution.

According to the companies, this solution will provide companies with the ability to collect and unify their value stream data. 

Key benefits will include extracting siloed data to create complete data sets, increased team collaboration, and reduction of errors related to manual data collection. 

 “Every business is a software business and accessible, reliable data is needed to derive value during the software delivery process. This requires solutions to connect technology and the business with the right metrics to enable more effective enterprise digital transformation,” said Mik Kersten, CEO at Tasktop. “Broadcom’s ValueOps Connectors powered by Tasktop help uncover data lost in silos, the key to unlocking all information needed for effective value stream management.”