VersionOne, recognized by agile practitioners as the leader in agile management tools, and LeanKit, makers of the Lean software world’s most powerful Kanban tool, today announced the availability of their integrated solution providing sophisticated Kanban workflow visualization and Lean metrics capabilities. The solution enables organizations to meet the needs of advanced Kanban teams while continuing to consolidate all their agile projects in a single system for multi-level planning, cross-team visibility and rollup reporting across the entire portfolio.

VersionOne’s Kanban boards are highly effective for teams using lightweight Kanban workflow processes – such as those practicing Scrumban or Lean methods within iterations. VersionOne with LeanKit Kanban is designed to meet the needs of teams with more sophisticated Kanban needs, including the ability to build visual models of more complex processes and access to detailed Lean metrics and reporting to optimize their workflow.

VersionOne with LeanKit Kanban is ideal for enterprises that practice multiple agile methodologies and need more sophisticated Kanban functionality at the team level. It provides a single agile project management system giving customers the flexibility to adopt multiple development approaches at the team-level, while giving stakeholders visibility into project status across all agile and Lean teams.

“For those teams who have adopted an advanced level of Kanban in their organizations, VersionOne with LeanKit Kanban provides an integrated, scalable solution to optimize workflow and enterprise-wide visibility,” said VersionOne’s CEO and President Robert Holler. “We are excited to work with LeanKit, as they have the most advanced Kanban tool in the marketplace. LeanKit’s reputation for flexible, easy-to-use visual management capabilities is a natural fit for our agile lifecycle management solutions in agile and lean environments.”

“The rapid adoption of Kanban has already been nothing short of amazing as the agile community has come to recognize the simple power of Lean visualization and analytics. LeanKit has been proud to be part of that, providing tools that help even the biggest global organizations to adopt Lean and Kanban,” said LeanKit’s CEO Chris Hefley. “We look forward to working with VersionOne and their customers to bring LeanKit’s best-of-breed Kanban solution to an even wider audience.”