CodeArmor Software Intelligence Online, a new service announced yesterday from software protection company Vi Labs, brings tracking, reporting and piracy detection in a browser-based solution.

Based on the on-premise solution CodeArmor, the Software-as-a-Service offering includes Trial Download Tracking, Software Usage Reporting, and Piracy and Detection Reporting modules for small to mid-sized ISVs.

Using Software Intelligence Online’s APIs, the Trial Download Tracking and Software Usage Reporting modules give visibility into actual software usage during trial periods. The capabilities also help identify product feature usage, which software environment the software is used in, geographic locations, beta adoption use, and other data. The data produced by these reports can also be used in marketing initiatives, said Victor DeMarines, vice president of products, as well as in planning for future versions of the software.

Additionally, to ensure the integrity of intellectual property, the Piracy Detection and Reporting service is triggered once tampering of code is detected. Afterwards, DeMarines said, the information gathered is stored on a secure server and can be accessed by a secure dashboard. The report can be used to find leads to the piracy’s origin, and to help accelerate compliance and recovery of revenue, he added.  

Software Intelligence Online is available now and pricing starts at US$3,000 per year to track up to three applications.